Milos Djordevic

Milos Djordjevic finished magisterium studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. He is Assistant Professor of Art and Methodology of Teaching at the Faculty of Education in Jagodina, Serbia.

He has extensively exhibited his artwork nationally and internationally, and awarded with several award for artistic merit, including Prestige certificate of the 9th Rokycany Biennial of graphic arts 2018. He has participated in printmaking residencies and symposiums, including International Residence III Latgale Graphic Art Symposium, Daugavpils, Latvia (2014) and IMPACT International Printmaking Conference, (Scotland, 2013; China, 2015; Spain, 2018). He has been invited to be a member of selection international juries of exhibitions and events including Latgale Graphic Symposium at Mark Rothko Art Centre in Daugavpils (Latvia). In 2015 Spring issue of Printmaking Today Magazine editorial coverage was published about his work in Artist’s eye section. Since 2018 he is a member of Editorial board of Journal of Arts, International Peer-Reviewed and Open Access Electronic Journal, Rating Academy, Canakkale, Turkey.

In his artistic practise he is exploring interactive and performative possibilities of printmaking medium. His academic and research interests concentrate mainly on printmaking phenomena as multifaceted field of artistic practice and he has published several research papers on the subject. He currently lives and works in Belgrade.