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Please note: All submissions to the journal should be original work which has not been previously published or has a maximum overlap of 30% with other work.

IMPACT Printmaking Journal welcomes the following submissions:

Articles (3000 – 5000 words, 4 – 10 images)
This is an extended paper that describes or debates a critical or theoretical position, and which presents original arguments on the expanded field of printmaking. Articles should include research that is clearly evidenced and referenced. 

Research Projects (2000 – 4000 words, 2 – 8 images)
This is a paper that explores new technology and/or collaboration with industry. Research projects that are in process, as well as those which are at a milestone in their development are of particular interest. The paper should include research that is clearly evidenced and referenced.

Exhibition Essays (2000 – 3000 words, 2 – 10 images)
A reflective or critical examination of a body of work that has been presented at a conference, exhibition or as a publication. It should include research that is clearly referenced. 

Featured Print (1500 words, 2 – 4 images)
Based on one print-work, a focused reflection of the context, evolution, cultural implications and significance of the work. One work plus detail shots or a relevant comparative work can be submitted. Submissions that interrogate prints which were not created by the author are encouraged.

Point of View (1500 words, 2 – 6 images)
A poetic or discursive insight into conceptual or process-based approach to a body of work. Submissions by authors who have also created the work are encouraged. 


Please refer to the guidelines on this page here

How to submit

All articles will be evaluated by the editorial board, peer-reviewed, and returned to authors with either acceptance, rejection or acceptance subject to revisions.

For our fourth issue, please submit work for consideration by 30 March 2021 to and

Journals will be published online and available to all readers as an open access journal. 

For further questions, please contact the editor, Dr Wuon-Gean Ho